Neumann M49 (year 1958)
Neumann CMV 563 with M7 capsule
Neumann U67 (Max Kirchner mod)
DPA 4006 matched pair
AEA R88 MKII stereo Ribbon
RM-BIV 1 Ribbon matched pair
Sennheiser MD 421
Sennheiser MD 421-N
Sennheiser MD 21
Sennheiser MD 441
Echolette ES-14 (Sennh. MD409)
Electro Voice RE 20
Electro Voice ND 267/a
Beyer Dynamic M130 (ribbon)
Beyer Dynamic M160 (ribbon) pair
Shure beta 52a
Shure SM 57
Shure SM 58
Rode NT5 pair
Grundig GDM 121
Realistic PZM

Control Room

Tube Tech CL2A
ADR Compex 760 fx (original)
Neve 5043
Urei LA 4
Drawmer DL 241
Joemeek VC3 pair
Warm Audio WA 76 pair

Consoles, preamps, recorders, EQ
TAB/Telefunken V76 preamp
Siemens V276 preamps
Girardin MT86 console & preamps
D&R Triton console/preamps
Warm Audio Pultec EQP-WA pair
Filtek MK3 mastering EQ
Telefunken M15 master tape recorder
Tascam ATR 60/16 tape recorder

Roland Space Echo RE-201
D&R Stereo Spring Reverb
Dynacord Echocord tape echo
Dynacord Echocord Super tape echo
Yamaha ProR3 reverb
Roland SRV330 reverb
Various guitar effects


Bösendorfer grand piano
Taylor GC5 OM steelstring guitar
Eastman E10-oo steelstring guitar
Prudencio Saez M59 nylonstr. guitar
Fender Jazzmaster el. guitar
Tokai Telecaster 70's el. guitar
Various acoustic drumkits

Fender Princeton Reverb 70's
Fender Champ 70's
Ampeg BA-115
Various GuitarFX

Elektron Analog Four synth
Yamaha AN1x synth
Roland JV-880 synth
E-drums with Addictive drums

Focal Shape 65 monitors
Yamaha NS-10 monitors
KEF 104AB Monitors