Dennis Mulder - producer, engineer, musician - fell in love with the sound of vintage recording equipment from the 50's and 60's (old Neumann microphones, tape-recorders, pre-amps and such).

In the autumn of 2016 Dennis opens a brand new recording studio (*) in Amsterdam. This studio combines his collection of only the very best vintage equipment with modern recording equipment.

When asked if it matters to record music with vintage equipment, Dennis responds:
It matters a lot! The warmth and depth of the equipment used in the studios of the 50's and 60's can add so much expression to the music of today. It makes music speak and accentuates its uniqueness'

Dennis obtained his degree in Music Registration from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. He then teamed up with producer Larry Burns to form
Bill & Ted's Excellent Recording Studio, later Soundware.
For 10 years they recorded and produced countless bands and artists as well as writing music for commercials for Nike, Coca Cola, Nikon and many others.

After travelling the South-Americas, working as a performing artist in theatre and teaching music, he went back to his love for sound recording and music production by founding D-Recording.

(*) Cooperation with
Maarten Diesfeldt and Michiel van Overmeire:
The studio was founded together with Maarten and Michiel. They add their own collection of high-end equipment and instruments, and use the studio to produce their own music and host
Sharing an impressive recording studio in this way keeps rates affordable.

Are you interested in:
- recording your music with the greatest vintage as well as modern equipment?
- achieving the highest quality at affordable rates?
- working with an experienced engineer/producer to guide you in the recording process where necessary?

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